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Islamic jihadists attack in Philippines and Indonesia on eve of Ramadan

International | The Muslim fasting period begins this evening
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/26/17, 08:51 am

PHILIPPINES: Nine Christians were shot dead at a checkpoint and 14 are being held hostage as violence by Muslim extremist groups erupted in the Mindanao community of Marawi. Here are scenes of the violence (“They dimmed the lights to burn us down”), plus word on some of the hostages.

INDONESIA: Churches in Jakarta are on high alert after Indonesia’s capital was the target yesterday for two suicide bombers. The attacks killed three policemen based at a bus terminal ahead of policing for a pre-Ramadan parade.

RAMADAN: This evening marks the start of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting period, which runs through the end of June. Here is a brief explainer, plus Open Doors provides good guidance for praying throughout the period, starting with prayers for Egypt, which was hit with another attack on Coptic Christians this morning.

IRAQ: Defeating ISIS means rebuilding the communities it has destroyed. What I’ve been saying, only better:

“Some have mocked the theme of Trump’s so-called “Abrahamic Adventure.” But any acts of kindness and solidarity by states, communities and individuals that break down barriers among the three great Abrahamic religions make good sense.”

IRAN: Lost in reporting on Iran’s election last week, reformers and moderates turned out instead of boycotting (despite the skewed results), signaling renewed momentum for a quiet opposition to the radical Islamic regime.

I’M READING: Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation. And I listened this morning—as part of my tour this week of Israel in light of the 1967 war—to author Yossi Klein Halevi, a Brooklyn-born Jew who immigrated to Israel in 1982. Halevi said many Israelis feel as he does: “Our first nightmare is there won’t be a Palestinian state; our second nightmare is that there will be.”

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