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House passes stimulus bill

by Harvest Prude
Posted 3/27/20, 01:42 pm

WASHINGTON—Some House lawmakers rushed back to the U.S. Capitol on Friday to vote on the $2 trillion fiscal relief bill. An attempt by Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., to force a longer voting process fell flat, and lawmakers who made it back to Capitol Hill passed the legislation by a voice vote. President Donald Trump signed the bill into law Friday evening.

What’s in the bill? The law designed to ease the COVID-19 economic crisis unlocks large loans for small businesses, billions in emergency federal aid for struggling industries and the healthcare system, and direct payments to taxpayers. It contains grants for the arts and humanities, aid for farmers, and loans for nonprofit groups, including houses of worship.

Dig deeper: Read my report on riders and amendments to the stimulus bill.

Editor’s note: WORLD has updated this report since its initial posting.

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Harvest Prude

Harvest is a political reporter for WORLD's Washington Bureau. She is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate. Harvest resides in Washington, D.C. Follow her on Twitter @HarvestPrude.

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    Posted: Fri, 03/27/2020 05:09 pm

    It is VERY difficult for me seeing Pelosi go in front of the media and just tell lies. She is allowed to get away with ANYTHING!


    She tells people only her bill is right. She can't accept the bill which was bi-partisan and Schumer lies and calls it a Republican bill all about money for corporations. We even saw a tape of him on Japanese news showing him happy about the bill they hammered out together. Then Pelosi shows up and that's that? 

    Why won't the media tell the truth? 

    These are TRULY troubling times.


    Posted: Fri, 03/27/2020 05:10 pm

    Yes, I know God is still in control, but that doesn't keep it from hurting.