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First-of-its-kind federal probe into Catholic sex abuse

by Kent Covington
Posted 10/19/18, 11:34 am

Federal prosecutors have opened a new investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. Multiple dioceses in the state have confirmed they received subpoenas from the U.S. Department of Justice demanding secret files and testimony from high-ranking leaders in what victims’ advocates say is the first such probe ever launched at that level of government. The subpoenas, served last week, follow a scathing state grand jury report over the summer. It found more than 300 “predator priests” in Pennsylvania molested more than 1,000 children over decades while church leaders covered it up. U.S. Attorney William McSwain of Philadelphia, who issued the subpoenas, wants to know if priests, bishops, seminarians, or others committed any federal crimes.

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  •  Brendan Bossard's picture
    Brendan Bossard
    Posted: Fri, 10/19/2018 01:40 pm

    God has now shot an entire battery across our bow.  If we do not discipline ourselves, God will unleash the government on us.