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Escalating conflict in Syria

International | Americans shoot down Iranian-made drone in latest confrontation
by Mindy Belz
Posted 6/21/17, 03:34 pm

SYRIA: A U.S. F-15 fighter jet downed an Iranian-made drone in southern Syria Tuesday, the third time this month that coalition warplanes have shot down a pro-Syrian government aircraft. It’s just one more indicator of escalating conflict involving U.S., Russian, and Iranian forces, as confrontations threaten areas of Jordan and Israel.

U.S. Central Command confirms wanted terrorist Turki al-Bin’ali—the top religious adviser of ISIS—was killed in a May 31 airstrike in Mayadin, Syria. Reports last week that Russian forces killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remain unconfirmed.

An outbreak of polio has paralyzed 17 children, fueled by the six-year war and lack of immunizations.

BRITAIN: The missing from the Grenfell Tower fire still hovers at 58, and the fire damage is just “indescribable.”

PORTUGAL: A heat wave across Europe—with temperatures in London hitting 40-year highs—means firefighters are still battling blazes in central Portugal that have killed 64 since Monday.

RUSSIA: President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Russia over ongoing incursions into Ukraine.

ERITREA: A fresh wave of arrests this week brings to more than 120 the number of Christians detained by the government under a law targeting evangelical worship. At least 28 have died during incarceration under notoriously harsh conditions.

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