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Derailed train sped around curve at 80 mph

by Leigh Jones
Posted 12/19/17, 09:28 am

The high-speed Amtrak train that derailed just south of Seattle on Monday on its inaugural run traveled 80 mph around a curve rated for just 30 mph. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed the speed late Monday, saying a data recorder in the rear engine clocked the train. But they cautioned it’s too soon to say why the train did not slow down as it careened around the curve. Three people died in the derailment, half the number officials initially said had perished. Rescue crews transported more than 70 others to area hospitals, including 10 with serious injuries. The train, traveling from Seattle to Portland, had 80 passengers and 5 crew members on board. The engineer survived, and investigators plan to interview him and other crew members soon to try to figure out what happened.

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Leigh Jones

Leigh lives in Houston with her husband and daughter. She is the news editor for The World and Everything in It and reports on education for WORLD Digital.

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  • Deb O's picture
    Deb O
    Posted: Tue, 12/19/2017 05:26 pm

    I live just 30 minutes north from where this happened, and it's been devastating to the whole region, let alone to the victims, their families and friends.  And all to shave off 10 minutes from Seattle to Portland.  Hubris.