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Democrats grill Nielsen on immigration

by Kent Covington
Posted 3/07/19, 11:18 am

WASHINGTON—House Democrats grilled Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a hearing Wednesday about President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Nielsen told the House Committee on Homeland Security that the situation at the U.S. southern border constitutes a crisis. She called on lawmakers to pass laws to close immigration system loopholes, saying, “Illegal immigration is simply spiraling out of control and threatening public safety and national security.”

Rep. Nanette Barragán, D-Calif., accused Nielsen of lying when she testified that asylum-seekers were not being wrongly turned away at legal ports of entry: “Either you’re lying to this committee, or you don’t know what’s happening at the border.” Barragán said she personally saw a Honduran man who should have been admitted denied entry last weekend.

Nielsen acknowledged the number of asylum-seekers has skyrocketed, creating the situation the president is trying to solve. Democrats charged that Trump administration policies are making the crisis worse. Lawmakers criticized Nielsen for her role in the short-lived zero tolerance policy in 2018 that separated parents from their children. Nielsen focused on the number of people trying to get into the country, noting that immigration courts ultimately grant asylum to just 1 in 10 applicants. She said the other 90 percent often disappear into the United States and never return home.

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  • Glong
    Posted: Thu, 03/07/2019 01:08 pm

    Ultimately, and constitutionally, the responsibility for immigration laws is solely the responsibility of Congress! They have failed to pass legitimate and workable laws. To criticize the Executive branch for trying to do something is beyond hypocrisy.

  • news2me
    Posted: Thu, 03/07/2019 04:04 pm

    I agree!

  • news2me
    Posted: Thu, 03/07/2019 04:03 pm

    Why do the Dems continually ride the people guarding our borders?

    Why do the Dems continually call people liars? 

    They did not do that to Obama! He was akin to Satan, the father of lies.

    Obama's IRS lied all over the place. No one raided that woman's house in the night.

    Obama's DOJ lied about gun running among other things. Obama's FBI lied. Clinton's FBI lied. 

    How is it that if a person doesn't follow the script prescribed by Dems they are liars?

    All of this to get Trump out of office?

    It just makes me mad. TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Leeper
    Posted: Thu, 03/07/2019 05:10 pm

    The only reason Democcrats want open immigration is political power thru illegal votes  of illegal immigrants. All immigrant applicants should be reviewed before entry is allowed into this country. The process of catch and release is insane. Most released immigrants never show up their court review date.