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Congressman-elect dies of COVID complications

by Tim Lamer
Posted 12/30/20, 05:13 pm

Luke Letlow, a Republican recently elected to Congress in a Dec. 5 runoff for Louisiana’s 5th District, died Tuesday of COVID-19 complications at age 41. He was admitted to the hospital in Monroe, La., on Dec. 19 after testing positive for the coronavirus. Doctors eventually transferred him to a larger facility in Shreveport and placed him in intensive care. He had no known underlying health conditions. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

What will happen to Letlow’s seat in Congress? A spokeswoman for Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said the governor will call a special election in March to fill the seat. Letlow would have been sworn in on Sunday.

Dig deeper? Read a report by Susan Olasky in WORLD Magazine about other deaths this year.

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    Posted: Sat, 01/02/2021 01:03 pm

    Very suspicious. 

    Why would they admit him to the hospital just for testing positive? 


  • My Two Cents
    Posted: Sun, 01/03/2021 11:40 am

    I don't think it was FOR testing positive, but AFTER testing positive. I don't understand the spike of positive cases as well as the number of hospitalizations, even in my city. If your oxygen level is low for a period of time, they often put you in the hospital. I'm so sorry for this young man's family. It is such a tragedy.

    Posted: Sun, 01/03/2021 04:50 pm

    Rep.-elect Luke Letlow (R-La.) died from a heart attack, the doctor in charge of the hospital where he was being treated confirmed to The Epoch Times. But the heart attack is believed to be related to COVID-19 ...  Letlow tested positive for the disease earlier this month.

    “Congressman-elect Luke Letlow ultimately died from complications of COVID-19. His immediate death due to a heart attack is likely related to thromboembolic phenomena caused by COVID-19,” [wrote] Dr. G. E. Ghali, chancellor of LSU Health Shreveport ... . The hospital declined to share more details.

    For more, go to Rep.-Elect Letlow Died From Heart Attack Likely Related to COVID-19: Doctor (

    Posted: Mon, 01/04/2021 09:13 am

    Why is it very suspicious? Locally, here in Michigan, we've lost elected officials to the virus, as well as too many neighbors and friends.

    It is sad, it is tragic. But it does not appear to be suspicious at all. May God comfort his family.