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A gripping photo at the Rio Grande

International | Image of drowned father and child calls more attention to migration woes
by Mindy Belz
Posted 6/27/19, 01:47 pm

MEXICO: A photo of a migrant father and his 23-month-old daughter sunk face down on the muddy bank of the Rio Grande highlights the perils facing Central American migrants hoping for asylum in the United States—and is galvanizing congregations in the Rio Grande Valley.

JAPAN: President Donald Trump arrived in Osaka, Japan, for the G-20 summit fixated on trade wars, but offsite Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini intends to leverage fractured relations and European fears to push back against crippling sanctions. He is presenting Iran as a paragon of the international order (despite its flagrant nuclear ambitions) and Trump as an agent of chaos.

IRAN: The Islamic regime’s repression of Christians shocks the conscience.

BAHRAIN is making peace with Israel.

SYRIA: When Islamic State (ISIS) attacked Kobani four years ago, the militants killed thousands of Kurdish civilians and fighters. The fierce battle that followed was commemorated this week with a candlelit graveside vigil.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: More than 7,000 Congolese refugees have fled to Uganda this month to escape renewed fighting.

MALAYSIA: The government reopened the investigation into the kidnapping of Pastor Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat. The Christian pastor was abducted in 2017, and Mat, a Shia Muslim, was taken the year before—both after being investigated for proselytizing.

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Mindy Belz

Mindy wrote WORLD Magazine's first cover story in 1986 and went on to serve as international editor, editor, and now senior editor. She has covered wars in Syria, Afganistan, Africa, and the Balkans, and she recounts some of her experiences in They Say We Are Infidels: On the Run from ISIS with Persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Mindy resides with her husband, Nat, in Asheville, N.C. Follow her on Twitter @mcbelz.

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  • Cyborg3's picture
    Posted: Sat, 06/29/2019 01:12 am

    If people really cared about the immigrants then maybe they wouldn’t push them to come to America illegally.  The real truth is the left are using them as political pawns and they don’t really care about them. It is a tragedy to see this dead father and child, but the people who pushed the false hope of coming to America for economic prosperity are the real villains! Where is the outrage? 

  • AlanE
    Posted: Sat, 06/29/2019 04:21 pm


    Honestly, I wish you well and understand--at least in part--your sentiments, but I want to try to push something onto your radar screen of awareness here.

    "[T]he people who pushed the hope of coming to America for economic prosperity" encompasses a whole lot of people. And they were mostly unwitting accomplices. They're people like you and me. We live a lifestyle well beyond our means (witness our national debt) and act stunned when half the world wants to come here. When we start getting serious about living within our means, perhaps a very large portion of the immigration problem starts to take care of itself. Until then, perhaps the immigration problem is one way God reminds us of our own greed and asks us what we're willing to do about it.

  • Cyborg3's picture
    Posted: Sun, 06/30/2019 12:44 am

    I don’t see your point. Do you really believe that if we “lived within our means” that that would stop people from coming to America illegally? I don’t hold the view that prosperity or wealth is necessarily a bad thing, but I do agree that living beyond our means is wrong. Also, envy is a sin worth mentioning because many of the illegal immigrants do envy America’s wealth and come illegally.

    I do see the Democrats as the primary offenders here, where they are eager to push them in to vote. Notice how they are making it easier for illegal immigrants to vote, where they are giving them drivers licenses in NY and in other cases automatically having them registered to vote if they fill out certain paperwork. 

    Not only that but the large caravans of immigrants are funded by liberal groups, where they are even paying for clothing, food and diapers! I have heard that Soros money is help funding this, where other organizations are also helping, which World Magazine helped bring to light . 

    If Congress would act, this issue could be solved overnight, but the Democrats and RINO Republicans have effectively hamstrung the issue. If we make illegal immigration more difficult and make legal immigration easier, then I would support this.  Also, I would agree with having temporary workers for agricultural purposes, but there would have to be real teeth to the law if they overstayed their allowed time. The border wall would also help prevent illegal immigration. 

  • AlanE
    Posted: Sun, 06/30/2019 11:09 am

    No, I do not believe that living within our means would stop illegal immigration, but it would curb it dramatically. As things are, the incentive is sky-high. Reduce the incentive--which we should be doing, anyway--and you reduce the reasons for people to run the risks of illegal entry into the country. 

    The envy you refer to is indeed sin, but that envy doesn't capture only illegal immigrants. It ensnares us as well. We aspire to be more like our wealthier neighbors. We covet what they have. And envy morphs into greed when we strategize to keep what we imagine we've gained honestly for ourselves and keep others from it. We haven't gained it by wisdom and industry; we've gained it by stealing from the future, by living on unbridled credit. If we stop and think about it, our own envy and greed may be greater than the envy and greed of those we seek to keep out of our country.

    There's so much more that could be said here, and even said in defense of borders and immigration policies, but I wish to keep comments brief.

    Posted: Sat, 06/29/2019 08:30 pm

    Did we REALLY need to see that photo of the dead father and his child? 

    As in everything, we don't know how they drowned.

    Did someone watch them drown, and then wait for a photo-op?

    All those people around and NO ONE saw them drowning? 


  • Cyborg3's picture
    Posted: Sat, 06/29/2019 11:44 pm

    Point well taken! 

    Posted: Mon, 07/01/2019 03:48 pm

    There needs to be a comprehensive article on the reasons why illegal immigration has soared: The political enticements, the legal rulings enabling and encouraging illegal entry

  • OldMike
    Posted: Wed, 07/03/2019 01:43 pm

    The average American working class family has a lifestyle that is far better than middle class or even higher in much of the world.  Even the poor in the US are likely to live in better housing, dress better, eat better, have more conveniences, than many hard-working people in Third World nations.  Been there, seen how little people receive in return for their efforts, in many nations. 

    Of course the rest of the world sees our prosperity.  And they would like to share in it. 

    And those who decide to come here illegally are encouraged by the fact that so many have already come and been allowed to violate our laws and stay. 

    Our laxness has encouraged this situation. Only correcting our failure to maintain secure borders and the rule of law will discourage the migrants. And it will take a great deal of time for the lesson to reach deep into Latin American barrios. 

    It’s that, or be overwhelmed.