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A ‘democratic tsunami’

International | Hong Kong’s election results put pressure on the pro-China government
by Mindy Belz
Posted 11/25/19, 10:26 am

HONG KONG: Pro-democracy candidates swept Hong Kong district council elections over the weekend, a “democratic tsunami” pressuring the territory’s Beijing-backed government to bow to demands for greater freedoms.

  • Writes Hong Kong Watch chair Benedict Rogers: “Despite the regime’s attempts to frame the protest movement by the acts of violence of a minority of protesters—even though they were acts of desperation in response to police brutality and government intransigence—Hong Kong people stayed with the movement and have sent an overwhelmingly clear message to their Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Chinese President Xi Jinping: things must change.”
  • Even on Monday, reports WORLD’s June Cheng in Hong Kong, police intervened to clear the streets.

SYRIA: A cease-fire in northern Syria is not “going well,” and an attack outside the safe zone on Sunday killed four and wounded 22. With random explosions, Turkish-backed mercenaries are expelling the remaining Kurds from Tel Abyad.

I had the rare privilege to attend the tents of mourning following a car bombing in Qamishli.

IRAQ: The death toll in protests has topped 350, but an entrenched political leadership is clinging to power. The use of tear gas canisters to kill protest leaders continues.

Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to northern Iraq on Saturday, to reassure Kurds of a U.S. alliance in the wake of the Syria pullout, but he did not meet with Baghdad officials due to “security concerns.”

IRAN: With internet restored after a week’s blackout, the extent of a brutal crackdown on protesters is coming to light.

ISRAEL: Five members of his own party could challenge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appears determined to stay in office despite last week’s bombshell indictment.

GERMANY: Thieves in a heist at one of the world’s oldest museums on Monday carried off priceless jewels from ancient Saxony.

AUSTRALIA: More than 1,000 koalas have died and nearly 80 percent of their habitat destroyed by record-breaking fires and drought. Blazes across the country so far rank third-worst in the last 50 years.

GLOBAL: Weeknight meals around the world are a family affair.

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