Associated Press/Photo by Nati Harnik

Medicaid-ing red states

Compassion | Midterm results show conservatives softening toward Obamacare
by Charissa Crotts
Posted 11/14/18, 03:34 pm

In last week’s midterm elections, three more red states voted to expand Medicaid, demonstrating that Americans are making their peace with meager healthcare.

When President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Republicans protested the cost and the retreat from free market principles. But as years passed and no viable alternatives appeared, more became willing to accept federal funding that will swell the ranks of Medicaid recipients.

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Facebook/Photo by David Preston

Another ‘housing first’ fail

Compassion | Tiny homes that allowed alcohol and drug use did little to help Seattle’s homeless
by Charissa Crotts
Posted 11/07/18, 04:46 pm

Seattle officials in September announced their decision to close a tiny house village for the homeless that allows alcohol and drug use.

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How two-parent families help everyone’s children

Effective Compassion | Growing up in a neighborhood with more married adults helps poor children
by Rob Holmes
Posted 10/31/18, 04:40 pm

A child’s access to—or failure to achieve—the American dream is closely related to his or her neighborhood’s predominant family structure, more so than parental race, income, or education level, according to a study published last month.

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