White House
Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

Trump approves opioid bill

by Kent Covington
Posted 10/25/18, 10:41 am

President Donald Trump signed a bipartisan bill Wednesday devoting $8.5 billion to fighting the opioid crisis. The president said his administration is determined to beat the scourge of drug addiction. “We are going to end it or we are going to at least make an extremely big dent in this terrible, terrible problem,” he said. Nearly 48,000 people died last year from overdoses involving opioids. Overall, U.S.

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Associated Press/Photo by Alexander Zemlianichenko

U.S. plans to scrap broken nuclear deal with Russia

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 10/22/18, 11:29 am

U.S. national security adviser John Bolton meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday to discuss the United States’ withdrawal from a nuclear treaty that dates back to the Reagan administration. U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters Saturday that Russia had not held up its end of the deal. “Russia has not adhered to the agreement, so we are going to terminate the agreement and we are going to develop the weapons,” Trump said.

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Associated Press/Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis

U.S. renews warnings to Saudi Arabia over journalist

by Harvest Prude
Posted 10/19/18, 12:56 pm

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump threatened severe consequences for Saudi Arabia if his administration finds the Saudi royal family is behind the alleged death of Saudi journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi. The president has been hesitant to condemn Saudi Arabia, a top oil exporter and U.S. ally, but he told reporters Thursday that “it certainly looks” like Khashoggi is dead. Trump did not spell out the nature of the consequences but said, “It’ll have to be very severe. I mean, it’s bad, bad stuff.”

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