Dan Laack (Photo by Dave Bell for WORLD)

Chain reaction

Weather | The effects of this summer's drought will have a ripple effect throughout the Midwest
by Dave Bell
Posted 8/28/12, 08:36 pm

VANDALIA, Ill.-After watching his once-promising corn crop wither away during the blast-furnace heat wave that gripped the Midwest during June and July, Dan Laack recently fired up his John Deere combine and headed to his fields in south-central Illinois.

The early planted corn was mature, and he was anxious to see if the actual yields were as bad as the experts had predicted. They were. And worse.

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Love in a dry season

by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 8/06/12, 03:35 pm

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Associated Press/Photo by David J. Phillip

Waters recede in Louisiana, leaving sopping mess

by Wire Reports
Posted 8/03/12, 04:45 pm

BELLE CHASE, La. (AP)-Floodwaters from Isaac receded, power came on, and businesses opened Friday ahead of the holiday weekend, the beginning of what is certain to be a slow recovery for Louisiana.

Newly-nominated Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited flood-ravaged communities, and President Barack Obama said he would arrive Monday, appearances this part of the country is all too familiar with after Katrina and the Gulf oil spill.

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