Lekan Oyekanmi/AP

A land of scars

Nigeria | On the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s brutal civil war, the calls for separation remain
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 9/11/17, 08:59 pm

BIAFRA. First week of January 1968. Fifteen-year-old Nnaemeka Ezeaku listened as the sounds of gunshots and explosions drew closer to his home in Awka, the capital city of southeastern Anambra State.

Although Nigeria’s civil war had been raging for six months, it had never come this close.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ariel Schalit (file)

Israel bombs Syrian chemical weapons factory

by Leigh Jones
Posted 9/07/17, 10:43 am

Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian chemical weapons factory Thursday, killing two workers, according to Syrian military officials. The strike came a day after UN war crimes investigators said they had an “extensive body of information” indicating Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces dropped sarin gas on the town of Khan Sheikhun in April, killing about 80 people. U.S.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sam Mednick

U.S. journalist killed in South Sudan

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/28/17, 11:14 am

An American freelance journalist was killed during Saturday clashes between government troops and rebels in South Sudan, officials confirmed. Christopher Allen, 28, had embedded with the rebels on a two-week mission. A deputy spokesman for the opposition, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, said Allen and two other journalists had joined them in Kampala, Uganda. Gabriel said the rebel forces had launched a coordinated attack on several towns along the Ugandan border. Allen died in the crossfire near the town of Kaya.

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