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Clashes in Central African Republic kill 37

Africa | Week of violence includes attack on UN convoy that killed five peacekeepers
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/12/17, 10:21 am

Clashes between rebel groups in Central African Republic have killed at least 37 people and displaced many others in the country’s central region, the local Red Cross said on Thursday. The latest clashes follow increased attacks on international aid workers amid a conflict that has left nearly half the country’s population in need of aid. 

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‘Tell me they’re fine, tell me they’re hurt, tell me they’re dead, but tell me something!’

Military | An excerpt from Dog Company, by Lynn Vincent and Capt. Roger Hill
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 5/11/17, 02:40 pm

15 August 2008  The last thing Spc. Joseph Coe remembered for sure was downing his blue Gatorade and … something? … something to do with Lt. Carwile. Now, lying on a litter in a MedEvac bird, Coe’s memories flickered through his mind like an old flipbook movie, leeched of color and slightly out of focus.

They had been on a mission to Sayed Abad, something about food and water. Yes. That was it: food and water because the Battalion CLP had forgotten to deliver any to Sayed Abad … He remembered rolling down Highway 1 … Lt. Carwile in the TC (truck commander) seat …

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US Navy/Sipa via AP

Power and purpose

Voices | What is America’s calling in the world?
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 4/19/17, 05:23 pm

In early April, American expatriate Claire Berlinski stood in line at the Bureau Des Étrangers in Paris with other expats and immigrants hoping to renew their visas. All were staring at their cell phones, at breaking news of a U.S. missile launch against the Syrian airfield that had served as a base for the latest gas attack by Bashar al-Assad. Quietly, the émigrés of various backgrounds began to ask each other, Qu’en pensez-vous? “What do you think?” Berlinski had to confess she didn’t know what to think: Such moral clarity was the last thing she expected from President Trump.

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