Associated Press/Photo by Khalil Hamra

Israel and Gaza agree to cease-fire

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/06/19, 11:15 am

Israel and Gaza reached a fragile truce on Monday after at least 27 people died in the bloodiest weekend in the region since 2014. Hamas, the Islamic militant group in control of Gaza, launched hundreds of rockets toward Israel, which retaliated with airstrikes. Twenty-three Palestinians died in the clashes. At least four Israelis died, the first since a war in 2014.

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Associated Press/Photo by Hani Mohammed

Trump vetoes Yemen resolution

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 4/17/19, 01:03 pm

President Donald Trump late on Tuesday vetoed a congressional resolution to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabian involvement in the civil war in Yemen. The House on April 4 approved a Senate-backed measure to cut off U.S. involvement in the war, but Congress doesn’t have enough votes to override the veto.

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Free Burma Rangers

‘If your enemy is hungry …’

War | An eyewitness account from the last ISIS stronghold in Syria
by Dave Eubank
Posted 4/13/19, 07:24 am

BAGHUZ, Syria—Bullets flew by our faces and smacked into the ground around us. Snipers were shooting at us from the tent-and-truck city that was Baghuz, the last physical stronghold of Islamic State (ISIS). Below us, in a smoke-and-dust-shrouded valley at a bend in the Euphrates River, was the distillation of the most hard-core living ISIS members.

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