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Out with a bang

Television | Top-rated, long-running Big Bang Theory appealed to the misfit in us all
by Steve West & Laura G. Singleton
Posted 1/31/19, 12:13 am

“Our long collective nightmare is finally over.”

That’s how critic Stuart Heritage of The Guardian celebrated the announcement by CBS that the current and 12th season of The Big Bang Theory would be its last. Yet the 15-20 million viewers who watch the half-hour sitcom each week likely feel otherwise.

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Wars and warrens

Television | Netflix series Watership Down offers a dark but enjoyable adventure story
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 1/17/19, 03:52 pm

Tyranny, violence, heroism, self-sacrifice, and rabbits: Who knew these could blend together so well? Readers of the 1972 novel Watership Down might have anticipated that the latest adaptation, released by Netflix in December, would be much more than a nature story.

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Erika Doss/FOX

Passage to nowhere

Television | Fox’s new broadcast series fails where other drama adaptations have succeeded
by Megan Basham
Posted 1/17/19, 03:19 pm

A recent New York Times article titled “Why Traditional TV Is in Trouble” sifted through a variety of ratings data to figure out why the Big Four broadcast networks are losing ratings and becoming less culturally relevant. The authors might have saved themselves some trouble by simply analyzing Fox’s new drama The Passage.

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