Hilary B Gayle/Amazon via AP

Mysterious Homecoming

Television | Bad language and depictions of adultery mar an otherwise compelling series
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 11/20/18, 12:27 am

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ve seen a lot of hype for Homecoming, a new series of 10 half-hour episodes released in early November. Critics love the show. Should you watch too?

Julia Roberts stars as Heidi Bergman, the head of a transition center, helping veterans whose combat memories make normal life difficult. Despite thin credentials, Heidi runs the isolated campus as its primary counselor. One patient, Walter Cruz (Stephan James), recalls every detail of the death of one of his men and blames himself for his friend’s demise.

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Making her case

Documentary | In Season 2 of Making a Murderer, a defense attorney re-examines the evidence used to convict her client
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 10/25/18, 01:16 pm

It’s been three years since Netflix released the true crime docuseries that sparked nationwide debate over corruption in the criminal justice system. Now Season 2 of Making a Murderer finds Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, still behind bars serving life sentences for the 2005 murder of Theresa Halbach.

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Jonathan Wenk/CBS

Questioning his Maker

Television | In CBS series God Friended Me, an atheist doubts the divine, with unexpected results
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 9/27/18, 01:12 pm

If God sent you a Facebook friend request, what would you do? That’s the unlikely scenario at the beginning of the new CBS series God Friended Me.

Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall) is an outspoken atheist eager to share his unbelief with the world through his new podcast. He toils absentmindedly during the day in a call center: His real passion is his podcast. Miles lights up with enthusiasm as he debates the existence of God with guests. “There is no proof of God anywhere in the universe,” he states.

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