TV: A different teen idol

Television | Joan of Arc: forerunner of the Religious Right?
by Roy Maynard
Posted 5/22/99, 12:00 am

What's obvious from the outset is that CBS executives didn't know what to make of Joan of Arc, the subject of a high-dollar, sweeps-week miniseries that started on Sunday, May 16. So they made her a mixed bag: part beatific visionary, part Buffy the Empire Slayer.

Yet in the end, the Maid of Orleans wins out. Despite some annoying errors and misrepresentations, CBS's Joan emerges as a faithful servant of God. Her voices and her victories are portrayed as miracles, not as metaphors for progressive views.

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TV & Film: Debating homosexuality

Television | A television debater refutes the arguments
by J. Budziszewski
Posted 1/23/99, 12:00 am

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TV: The PBS Jesus seminar

Television | Special Easter show tries to undermine Christ
by Pamela Johnson
Posted 4/04/98, 12:00 am

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