Jan Thijs 2019

Tales From the Loop’s negative feedback

Television | Explicit content detracts from entertaining and insightful science fiction show
by Bob Brown
Posted 4/17/20, 03:32 pm

The new sci-fi TV series Tales From the Loop lands on the mystery spectrum somewhere between The Twilight Zone and Lost. While two of the first season’s eight episodes could stand alone, the setting and characters unite all the tales. Luxurious cinematography and stylish storytelling set the show apart from many other viewing options but occasionally sap some of that good, old-fashioned spookiness. (Spare the Rod Serling, spoil the brainchild?)

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Handout/VidAngel Studios

An adaptation of the Gospels worth watching

Television | The Chosen is smart and entertaining
by Megan Basham
Posted 4/11/20, 03:33 pm

If The Chosen is anything to go by, writer/director Dallas Jenkins seems to have inherited the ability of his father, novelist Jerry B. Jenkins, to hook an audience. I’ve seen dozens of Biblical adaptations over the years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I felt I could give one an unqualified recommendation—not just for its spiritual value, but its entertainment value as well. 

An indie production that owes its existence to crowdfunding, The Chosen impresses on both counts. 

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Pastime to the pros

Television | Julian Fellowes’ talent for period drama shines in The English Game
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 4/08/20, 04:40 pm

WITH MOST PROFESSIONAL sports on hiatus, many of us are watching replays of classic basketball, football, and baseball games. In The English Game, writer and producer Julian Fellowes takes viewers even further back into sports history: to the years soccer changed from a gentleman’s pastime to a sport professionals play and the common man cheers.

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