Jeffery Neira/Netflix

23 Hours to Kill strikes a community chord

Television | Seinfeld special shows the humor in our need for others
by Megan Basham
Posted 5/21/20, 03:00 pm

Under different circumstances, Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix special, 23 Hours to Kill, might be something of a letdown. The comedian breaks no new ground; he braves no uncharted territory. Yet in a world living at arm’s length, the trivial observations about intrusive friends and exhausting social engagements that are his stock-in-trade suddenly feel as comforting as a mediocre meal at a convenient corner diner. 

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Seth F. Johnson/NBC

Dubious Council of Dads

Television | Being woke is more important than true fatherly care in new series
by Michael Malament
Posted 5/21/20, 02:53 pm

While NBC’s new series Council of Dads illustrates the importance of fathers, producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn’t succeed in fulfilling the initial promise of a family-friendly drama.

The premise centers on Scott, a middle-aged father and restaurateur diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He and his wife, Robin, enjoy a comfortable waterfront home in Savannah, Ga., where she deftly balances a career as an OB-GYN with mothering their four children. 

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Andrew Eccles/NBC

The (mostly) Good Place

Television | In a bevy of afterlife-themed shows, at least one is asking the right questions
by Jim Hill
Posted 5/21/20, 02:50 pm

The late Billy Graham would often pose a question at his crusades: “Do you know what the mortality rate is these days?” The audience, expecting to hear some calculated percentage, instead heard his answer: “100 percent!”  

Many people avoid thoughts of their own death. So it’s surprising, yet also encouraging, to see many television series focusing on different ideas about death and the afterlife.   

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