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Belgravia’s familiar sensibilities

Television | New series is no Downton Abbey, but it offers its own charm
by Megan Basham
Posted 5/07/20, 04:11 pm

If Anglophiles could make a wish and erase one show from memory to watch anew in this moment made for binging, Downton Abbey would likely top the list of candidates. While there’s, sadly, no magic that’ll allow us to meet the Crawleys or Mr. Carson and the rest of the downstairs gang for the first time all over again, we can introduce ourselves to Belgravia, the new series from Downton creator Julian Fellowes. 

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MR-Film/Endor Productions

Vienna Blood’s graphic crime

Television | Thriller’s drawbacks show a changing PBS
by Sarah Erdős
Posted 4/23/20, 04:31 pm

New PBS show Vienna Blood, rated TV-14, offers psychological thrills set in Austria a century ago. Police detective Oskar Reinhardt (Jürgen Maurer), a calm but driven professional, clashes initially with the deceptively young Dr. Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard), a student of Freud who seeks to understand the criminal mind—but it’s clear they need each other. 

The BBC-produced show boasts lavish sets, immaculate costumes, and strong similarities to Sherlock

But graphic content shows how much PBS has changed in recent years. 

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Once-in-a-generation basketball innovation

Documentary | Jump Shot explores a sport-changing move
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 4/23/20, 04:22 pm

Once a generation, an athlete changes a sport with an unexpected innovation. Steph Curry didn’t invent the 3-point shot, but his accuracy and range changed basketball.

Who first transitioned from the easily blocked two-handed set shot to the jump shot, now a staple of modern basketball? The new documentary Jump Shot, which Curry produced, examines the life and innovations of Kenny Sailors.

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