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An evening with Gary Gulman

Television | A taping with a stand-up comedian becomes a celebration of surviving despair
by Emily Belz
Posted 10/24/19, 01:47 pm

A New York moment: 

In June I went to a comedy special taping in Brooklyn of one of my favorite stand-up comedians, Gary Gulman. As an aside, comedy and late night show tapings are some of the great free activities New York has to offer. 

That HBO special, The Great Depresh, just went live on the cable platform. It mixes his stand-up with a chronicle of his debilitating struggle with anxiety and depression—illnesses that have interrupted his career and probably explain why many Americans don’t know who he is. 

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Beth Dubber/Netflix

A good cop’s calling

Television | Christians may want to avoid Unbelievable but applaud its depiction of our faith
by Megan Basham
Posted 10/24/19, 01:08 pm

When Detective Stacy Galbraith became the focus of a best-selling true crime book some years ago, she told the authors how vital her Christian faith is to her work. Defining herself as born again, she described the large, nondenominational church she and her husband attend in Golden, Colo. And she shared it’s because of her relationship with God, not in spite of it, that she does a job many consider unusual for a petite young woman. “I know He gave me certain strengths,” she said, “so I just have to use them. Even when it’s painful.”

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Virginia Sherwood/ABC

Sole survivor

Television | A police chief tries to protect a mysterious girl from evil forces in ABC drama Emergence
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 10/10/19, 12:38 pm

In ABC’s new weekly drama Emergence, shadowy villains want to get their hands on a little girl who seems to have survived a mysterious plane crash. As a police chief and her family shield the youngster from danger, they try to find out why she is so valuable to evil forces. ABC might have a hit on its hands with Emergence, but is it worthwhile viewing for Christians?

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