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Pioneer spirit

Theater | The delight's in the details of a musical Little House
by Tammie McLean
Posted 4/09/10, 08:38 am

Exactly what's left when a half-pint of sweet cider is half drunk up? Only the spunkiest pioneer girl America ever loved. But onstage in a 21st-century musical-can little Laura Ingalls still hold our hearts?

With Melissa Gilbert (the TV Laura) headlining as Ma, Minneapolis' Guthrie Theatre was willing to bet on it, launching a six-week debut of Little House on the Prairie: The Musical in 2008. The payoff was an extended run that has morphed into a 20-city tour.

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David Sigafoose/Cromarty & Co.

Moving on up

Theater | Play pokes gentle fun at the 19th-century British class system
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/12/10, 06:05 am

I've seen lots of musicals these past two years in New York, but only one has had me whistling the tunes the next day: HMS Pinafore, performed by the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, a group that tours the United States.

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Ben Hider/Getty Images

Race on stage

Theater | Plays show what radical progress looks like
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 11/06/09, 04:29 am

The Obama presidency, for all its problems, still signifies a breakthrough in U.S. race relations. A musical and a drama that opened in New York theaters last month, and are likely to have long runs on Broadway or in repertory around the country, suggest a movement away from pessimism.

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