Joan Marcus

Shakespeare reimagined

Theater | An all-black Much Ado About Nothing in New York incorporates gospel music into the Bard’s work
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/25/19, 04:55 pm

On a rainy night last week I went with some friends to the Public Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, performed in an outdoor theater in Central Park. Shakespeare in the Park is a free program every summer, designed to bring Broadway-quality shows to the masses. The actors gamely went on with the show through patches of downpours as attendants squeegeed the stage to keep them from slipping.

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Anton Volovsek

Behind the curtain

Theater | For a musical, the path to Broadway is long and winding
by Emily Belz
Posted 5/14/19, 05:56 pm

A New York moment: 

How does a musical make it to Broadway or to off-Broadway theaters (100-499 seats) in New York? Answer: It goes through extensive workshopping. I got a peek at one step in that process when I recently saw a workshop performance of a new musical, Medusa

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Associated Press/Photo by Jim Cole (file)

Carol Channing dies at age 97

by Bob Brown
Posted 1/15/19, 10:35 am

American stage and screen actress Carol Channing died Tuesday in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Publicist B. Harlan Boll said the actress died of natural causes just days before her 98th birthday. Channing stepped into the national spotlight in 1964 as Dolly in the musical Hello, Dolly!—a Tony Award–winning role she would reprise on Broadway more than 5,000 times. Her big eyes, high-heaped hair, and carved cheeks endeared her to fans, and her wide mouth served as the accomplice to her raspy voice.

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