Russia's 9/11?

Terrorism | Twin plane crashes mourned with more questions than answers
by Bob Jones
Posted 9/04/04, 12:00 am

In a field 120 miles outside Moscow, lines of soldiers in red berets and camouflage retreated on Aug. 26 from what could prove to be the latest front in Russia's ongoing war on terror. Two days after two commercial jetliners fell from the sky within minutes of each other, the search for bodies was over. But the search for answers was just beginning.

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Protest too much?

Terrorism | Muslim groups in Britain circle wagons after recent arrests
by Priya Abraham
Posted 8/21/04, 12:00 am

The August arrests of more than a dozen Muslim terror suspects in Britain mobilized Muslim advocacy groups into public-­relations mode. One rallied behind suspect Babar Ahmad, arrested under a U.S. extradition warrant that cites his possession of a classified computer file detailing a U.S. Navy fleet in the Middle East.

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The cost of security

Terrorism | With threat level orange, big-city commuters may see red
by Mindy Belz
Posted 8/14/04, 12:00 am

Washington commuters are used to traffic snarls. But drive time from Virginia to Capitol Hill doubled last week as government employees and other workers face what could be long-term anti-terror measures. New police checkpoints went up throughout the capital-as well as in major cities from New York to San Francisco-after the Bush administration elevated the terror threat level from yellow to orange nationwide early this month.

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