Supreme Court
Associated Press/Photo by Ron Edmunds

Germs of opposition

Supreme Court | Robert Bork says conservatives haven't put up enough of a fight against Elena Kagan
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/25/10, 08:54 pm

WASHINGTON-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is all but sure to win confirmation this summer, even though Republicans have hinted they might force a filibuster. Despite that, few conservatives have disturbed the relative political calm leading up to her confirmation hearings, which begin Monday.

But one prominent judge has come out openly in his criticism of Kagan-and of Republicans.

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Associated Press/Photo by Susan Walsh

Dark horse

Supreme Court | President Obama nominates a lawyer with no judicial record to serve on the high court
by Emily Belz
Posted 5/10/10, 07:47 pm

WASHINGTON-On Monday President Obama named Solicitor General Elena Kagan to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, kicking off months of debate and Senate hearings to investigate her eligibility.

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

Replacing Stevens

Supreme Court | President Obama said the abortion issue would not be a 'litmus test' for choosing his nominee
by Emily Belz
Posted 4/21/10, 06:34 pm

WASHINGTON-President Obama held a meeting with top senators from both parties at the White House Wednesday to discuss his options for replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. The president said he expects to announce his pick before the end of May, but indicated that he hopes to announce someone sooner.

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