Supreme Court
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The Supreme Court's double standard on race cases

Supreme Court
by La Shawn Barber
Posted 6/26/13, 09:52 am

So much for wishing and hoping the U.S. Supreme Court would declare race-based college admissions policies unconstitutional. On Monday, the court ruled 7-1 that the 5th U.S. Court of Appeals didn’t hold the University of Texas at Austin (UT) to the burden of strict scrutiny as expressed in Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) when it upheld the school’s race-based admissions policy. The court sent Fisher v. University of Texas back to the 5th Circuit.

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Compounded anguish

Supreme Court | The high court overturns a ruling that sent a part-Cherokee child from adoptive parents back to her biological father
by Les Sillars
Posted 6/25/13, 04:18 pm

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of a South Carolina couple hoping to adopt Veronica, the child taken from them at age 27 months and returned to her biological father, a member of Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation, because she is 3/256 parts Native American. (See “Veronica’s tears,” June 19.)

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Court: Times have changed

Supreme Court | A divided court strikes down a key provision in landmark civil rights law
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/25/13, 01:36 pm

As the 50th anniversary of many of the key moments in the civil rights movement approaches, a divided Supreme Court struck down a key provision in the Voting Rights Act of 1965: Section 4, the formula that determines which states and counties with a history of racial discrimination must submit to a process known as “preclearance.”

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