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Facebook/Mr. Faulkner’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs

City invests in 13-year-old’s hot dog business

by Harvest Prude
Posted 8/30/19, 11:40 am

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old hoped to earn money for school clothes by selling hot dogs, chips, and sodas in front of his Minneapolis home this summer. But someone sent a complaint to the city’s health department because Jaequan Faulkner’s stand was technically illegal without a vendor’s license.

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Steps toward freedom

Business | Building businesses to fight modern-day slavery 
by Andrew Shaughnessy
Posted 7/18/19, 01:15 pm

Kolkata (once known as Calcutta) is infamous for Sonagachi, one of the largest red light districts in Asia. About 10,000 women, trapped in the sex trade, live within a labyrinthine tangle of streets. Many are victims of human trafficking, young village girls lured to the city by false promises of a job or marriage, then sold on the doorstep of a brothel. Others enter the pain factories out of desperation and poverty.

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Richard B. Levine/Newscom

The richest man in town

New York | A beloved bookstore announces its closure, then gets an It’s a Wonderful Life ending
by Emily Belz
Posted 1/22/19, 03:37 pm

A New York moment: 

Last week a longtime used book store on the Upper West Side, Westsider Books, announced it was closing. Locals were heartbroken: another cherished shop driven out by rising rents. You might have seen the bookstore at some point on the big screen. The narrow, dusty shop has appeared in movies like 2018’s Can You Ever Forgive Me? and 2017’s Wonderstruck.

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