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P&G refuses to join fight against religious liberty

Religious Liberty | Investors rejected a resolution to join the bevy of corporations condemning laws opposed by LGBT advocates
by Evan Wilt
Posted 10/13/16, 02:12 pm

Procter & Gamble shareholders shot down a proposal this week to join the surge of corporate backlash against religious freedom and restroom laws.

NorthStar Asset Management, which owns at least $2,000 worth of P&G stock, proposed at an investor meeting the company should join Apple, PayPal, Disney, and others in the political fight against religious freedom laws in Mississippi and Tennessee and should take a stand against North Carolina’s transgender restroom policy. The consumer goods giant overtly rejected the idea, with 94 percent of shareholders voting against it.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

InterVarsity responds to pro-LGBT outcry

Sexuality | Media critics try to draw fresh blood from a longstanding campus ministry policy
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 10/07/16, 05:10 pm

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, an evangelical ministry serving more than 41,000 U.S. college students, is taking flak for reaffirming its biblical stance on human sexuality and requiring its employees do likewise. While the reiteration of an established policy has put some InterVarsity staff members at odds with their employer, media sources insist on making the issue solely about LGBT students—an unfair and inaccurate characterization, according to an InterVarsity spokesman.

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The public showdown between religion and sex

Religious Liberty | Americans are deeply divided about what matters most
by Nick Eicher
Posted 9/30/16, 01:09 pm

Each week, The World and Everything in It features a “Culture Friday” segment, in which Executive Producer Nick Eicher discusses the latest cultural news with John Stonestreet, president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Here is a summary of this week’s conversation.

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