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Effort to repeal North Carolina’s HB2 fails

Sexuality | State senate votes against measure that would have taken the ‘bathroom bill’ off the books
by Evan Wilt & Mickey McLean
Posted 12/21/16, 09:02 pm

UPDATE: The North Carolina state Senate ended a special legislative session called by Gov. Pat McCrory Wednesday night by voting down legislation that would repeal HB2 32-16.

Prior to the vote on Senate Bill 4, Republican Sen. Phil Berger moved to have separate votes on a straight repeal and a proposed “cooling off” period that would have delayed any further local public accommodation laws until the state General Assembly could work out a long-term solution, but Democrats would not agree.

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National Geographic

Another magazine turns political

Media | National Geographic touts the ‘gender revolution’
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 12/21/16, 03:46 pm

When little kids play soccer, just about all of them—whether they’re defenders or even goaltenders, and no matter where they are on the field—run toward the ball. (A few occasionally stay on their sidelines with their security blankets and favorite thumbs.) Some adult football players on kickoff teams also have trouble staying in their lanes, and that’s when speedy kick returners have a shot at 100-yard touchdowns.

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Associated Press/Photo by Chris Seward/The News & Observer

Incoming N.C. governor negotiates restroom law repeal

Transgenderism | Outgoing governor calls deal proof that opposition was nothing but a political ploy
by Evan Wilt
Posted 12/19/16, 01:58 pm

After months of angry debate over North Carolina’s restroom law, state lawmakers now plan to repeal it.

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