Walt’s story

Feature | Walt Heyer is a man again, and he has a manly purpose: protect the vulnerable from the transgender movement
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/30/17, 09:29 am

Laura, Laura, can you hear me?”

The surgical nurse’s call was the first thing Walt Heyer heard when he opened his eyes. He felt a strange jolt: She called him Laura. Laura Jensen, not Walter James Heyer, his birth name. Despite the post-surgery fog, Heyer/Jensen drew in a sharp intake of euphoria: Finally, at age 42, he did it! Finally, he felt free from the guilt, shame, and confusion, saddled over decades of cross-dressing. Surgical tools had fixed nature’s mistake: He was now a she, and Walt was an ugly past.

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Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire/AP

Unfair fight

Transgenderism | Choking on transgender complications
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 3/29/17, 04:29 pm

Welfare reform partially succeeded in the 1990s when legislators stopped haranguing about “welfare queens” gaming the system and started showing how governmental payments harmed the poor. We need a similar change in the transgenderism debate. Bathroom criminals are a problem, but we should emphasize a larger set of potential victims: transgender humans themselves, and women athletes who will suffer unintended consequences.

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Suffer the children

Feature | Some say the growing rush to label children ‘transgender’ promotes physician-approved child abuse. But speaking out against the practice provokes ire. Who will defend the vulnerable?
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/28/17, 06:23 pm

When Cari Stella recounts her transgender experience in a series of YouTube videos, she doesn’t shed tears, but she does talk about pain.

As a teenage girl, Stella felt a strong desire to live as a man. A therapist obliged. After three or four visits over a three-month period, and without suggesting other options, the therapist prescribed testosterone. Stella was 17. A few years later, she underwent a double mastectomy.

Stella says her family was supportive, and her workplace included transgender leadership. Her transition seemed like a success. Except it wasn’t.

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