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North Carolina governor signs HB2 repeal

Transgenderism | Compromise legislation enacted to repeal parts of bathroom bill
by Evan Wilt
Posted 3/30/17, 04:47 pm

UPDATE: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said he has signed into law the legislation that revises HB2. Among other things, it repeals the provision of HB2 that requires people in schools and government buildings to use the public restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate.

“Today’s law immediately removes that restriction. It’s gone,” Cooper said.

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Layne Beckner Grime/Genesis

Sounding the alarm

Feature | Many transgender persons regret what they did to their bodies and souls, and some are pleading that others not repeat their mistake
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/30/17, 09:52 am

Robert Wenman was four years into being a “full-time” transgender woman in Ontario, Canada, when a police officer asked him: “You got all your legal rights by now. Why don’t you just enjoy life as a woman?”

The question left the then-LGBT activist stuttering: Here he was, training a group of law enforcers on transgender rights, yet he couldn’t answer a basic question: Why? Why was he still campaigning, still fighting?

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Walt’s story

Feature | Walt Heyer is a man again, and he has a manly purpose: protect the vulnerable from the transgender movement
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/30/17, 09:29 am

Laura, Laura, can you hear me?”

The surgical nurse’s call was the first thing Walt Heyer heard when he opened his eyes. He felt a strange jolt: She called him Laura. Laura Jensen, not Walter James Heyer, his birth name. Despite the post-surgery fog, Heyer/Jensen drew in a sharp intake of euphoria: Finally, at age 42, he did it! Finally, he felt free from the guilt, shame, and confusion, saddled over decades of cross-dressing. Surgical tools had fixed nature’s mistake: He was now a she, and Walt was an ugly past.

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