Krieg Barrie

The third rail

Voices | Thou shalt not connect personal lives and policy proposals
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/05/17, 04:23 pm

Sex is a powerful motivator. Millions of abused kids develop a pattern of sexual response that’s hard to break even when they know it is yucky. Millions of young adults cohabit, and some slide into marriage because they’re used to the sex even after the romance is gone. (The post-cohabitation divorce rate is apparently worse than the rate among those who have never lived together.)

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Too young to cross a street but old enough for a sex change

Transgenderism | American Academy of Pediatrics offers opposing views of children’s cognitive abilities
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/04/17, 11:14 am

More than 200 children under the age of 14 died in the United States in 2014 after being struck by a car. Another 8,000 suffered injuries, according to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis.

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Anne Paulk hasn’t given up on ex-gay ministry

Q&A | A former leader with Exodus International turns a new page
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 5/03/17, 01:42 pm

Anne Paulk is the executive director of Restored Hope Network, an ex-gay ministry made up primarily of former members of Exodus International, which dissolved in 2013. For many years, Anne and her ex-husband, John Paulk, were perhaps the most visible faces of the ex-gay movement. They wrote a book together called Love Won Out: How God’s Love Helped Two People Leave Homosexuality and Find Each Other. Though John Paulk renounced his ministry, abandoned his marriage, and came out again as gay, Anne Paulk continues her work in ex-gay ministry.

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