Gov. McDonnell this week (AP/Steve Sheppard)

Against their beliefs

Gay adoption | McDonnell opposes forcing agencies to place kids with homosexual or unmarried couples
by Hannah Farver
Posted 4/13/11, 02:56 pm

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has faced loud criticism from gay rights groups since an April 5 press conference in which he announced his opposition to proposed adoption regulations that would force faith-based agencies to place children with homosexual and unmarried couples.

The proposal originated at the desk of McDonnell's predecessor, former governor and current U.S. senate hopeful, Democrat Tim Kaine.

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Kari Mikitson: Handout photos

Fear at Fanda

Sexual Abuse | A sexual abuse scandal at a New Tribes Mission boarding school in West Africa reveals a long tale of childhood suffering and the poor record of missionary accountability
by Jamie Dean
Posted 9/10/10, 05:27 am

Warning: This report contains disturbing accounts of child abuse in ministry settings.

The most harrowing hours for the children living at the Fanda Missionary School in Senegal, West Africa, came at night. It wasn't just the country's war-zone conditions of the 1980s and 1990s that brought dread into the hearts of young boarding school students who missed their parents at bedtime: For many of the children, the midnight prowlers they feared most were the missionaries assigned to protect them.

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Scout's honor

Boy Scouts | Despite legal challenges and controversy, Boy Scouts turns 100
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 7/16/10, 04:30 am

In northern New Mexico, the Boy Scouts of America owns the largest youth camp in the world. Philmont Scout Ranch covers 137,000 acres in the Sangre de Cristo-the "blood of Christ"-Mountains. Every day this summer, approximately 300 Scouts, Explorers, and their leaders will arrive at Philmont. A total of more than 18,000 will complete a 12-day Philmont trek this summer, hiking at least 50 miles over mountains that reach up to 12,000 feet.

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