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Gay adoption | Activists get second shot at forcing faith-based agencies to place children with gay parents
by Les Sillars
Posted 8/19/11, 03:44 pm

Virginia's Board of Social Services voted on Wednesday to give pro-homosexual groups a second shot at convincing the board to implement regulations that would force state-licensed groups-including Christian organizations-to place children with gay and lesbian adoptive and foster parents.

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Polling results

Gay Marriage/Adoption | New study shows thin majority of Virginians oppose same-sex marriage, support gay adoption
by Alicia Constant
Posted 6/29/11, 07:09 pm

A majority of Virginia voters oppose same-sex marriage, but favor allowing gay couples to adopt, according to a poll released today by Quinnipiac University.

Fifty-two percent of Virginians oppose same-sex marriage, while 41 percent support it.

"The creation of same-sex marriage in New York does not necessarily signal a sea change in the marriage issue nationwide," wrote Chuck Donovan, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

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Waiting game

Sex Education | Hampton Roads video campaign gives abstinence a voice, sends other messages, too
by Alicia Constant
Posted 6/01/11, 04:55 pm

Skinny, 13-year-old Rae'Vaughn Johnson gestures passionately in front of the cameras. "See, you can't prevent life from happenin'," he says, "but you can prevent teen pregnancy through abstinence.... If you love me, then I want you to know that I am worth the wait."

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