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Struggle vs. surrender

Q&A | Helping Christians navigate a world of sexual sin
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/10/18, 09:23 am

John Freeman founded Harvest USA, a Christian ministry that helps individuals and families troubled by pornography, homosexuality, and sexual addictions. He’s a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, an elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, and the author of a new book, Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God About Sex. Here are edited excerpts of our interview before students at Patrick Henry College. 

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‘Marriage lite’ in the U.K.

Sexuality | Britain’s highest court says heterosexual couples have the same right to civil partnerships as same-sex couples
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 6/29/18, 04:28 pm

In a new spin on marriage equality, the U.K.’s highest court this week ruled that British law illegally discriminates against heterosexual couples. The 5-0 ruling by Britain’s Supreme Court on Wednesday found a 2005 law establishing civil partnerships exclusively for same-sex couples violates the human rights of opposite-sex couples.

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Once upon a man in a dress

Transgenderism | Libraries across the country invite drag performers to ‘teach’ kids about gender fluidity
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 6/22/18, 04:06 pm

Public libraries across the country are hosting drag performers for children’s story hours in June. What started as a one-off 2015 event in San Francisco has become a national movement of libraries hiring men dressed as women to read books and sing songs with children, all advertised as kid-friendly exposure to gender fluidity.

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