A great sexual reckoning

Sexual Abuse | A flood of harassment cases reminds us that sex is sacred and transgression is costly. Yet even in a fallen world, faithful men and women can treat one another with honor
by Mindy Belz
Posted 12/12/17, 11:52 pm

Apparently sex isn’t for kicks anymore. From the halls of East Coast academic institutions to the malls of mid-America and the West Coast backlots, for decades now sex for sport has been taught, modeled, and marketed. Serial sex partners; sex outside of marriage; sex as an initiation rite onscreen, on campus, and to get ahead seemed a norm we could live with. The sexually pure became oddballs and losers. When comedian Louis C.K.’s show Louie featured the character Ellen Farber, a Christian virgin, it was all for laughs. And audiences did.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mick Tsikas/AAP Image

Australia legalizes gay marriage without conscience protections

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 12/07/17, 11:14 am

The Australian Parliament in a Thursday vote legalized same-sex marriage across the nation. The move follows a government postal survey last month, in which 61.6 percent of voters supported the new legislation. The bill passed with only four lawmakers in opposition. It changes the definition of marriage to “a union of two people,” instead of a union between one man and one woman. Same-sex couples can start applying to marry Saturday, although the first weddings will not happen until January because of the country’s one-month notice requirement.

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Designated haters

Politics | The Southern Poverty Law Center’s scattershot labeling of ‘hate groups’ leaves many unfairly tarnished
by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 11/18/17, 11:53 pm

In one corner sits Stedfast Baptist in Fort Worth, Texas, where Pastor Donnie Romero isn’t ashamed to use words this magazine won’t print to describe the homosexuals he’d rather not see. “I’m not gonna let any of these dirty [vulgarity] inside my church,” preaches Romero in a December 2014 sermon. “They are all pedophiles.”

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