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Pressure to conform

Transgenderism | LGBT activists are dialing up the heat on parents and researchers who question transgender dogma, while peer influence may be leading some teens into life-changing hormone treatments
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/30/19, 03:05 pm

On an online forum for parents concerned about their teenagers’ sudden change in sexuality, one mother confesses: “I am desperate. My 14-year-old daughter just told me that she is trans. These past weeks have felt like a hundred years.”

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Grasping at manhood

Family | Cultural notions of masculinity turn toxic without a Biblical standard
by Sophia Lee
Posted 1/21/19, 04:44 pm

A while ago, I was visiting a homeless couple in Los Angeles for an interview when the man—let’s call him “Bill”—began to mock another man for being “feminine.” I didn’t know this other man well, so I couldn’t judge his apparent femininity, but I knew Bill. 

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Krieg Barrie

Transgender eschatology?

Transgenderism | Biola scholar raises controversy at ETS conference
by Russell St. John
Posted 1/03/19, 02:47 pm

Andy Draycott’s theology is the evangelical equivalent of vanilla ice cream—conservative and widely palatable—but his presentation on transgenderism at the annual Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) conference in November left listeners wondering if Draycott was promoting more exotic flavors.

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