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California scheming

Sexuality | State legislators are still considering a bill that combats Biblical teaching on homosexuality
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/25/18, 03:07 pm

For California residents dealing with unwanted, same-sex attraction, certain members of the state Legislature have a clear message: What you want for your life isn’t as important as what we think you should want. In fact, what you want isn’t really valid.

How else can one read California Assembly Bill 2943? The bill passed the California State Assembly in April and awaits a hearing in the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee. 

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Design and identity

Homosexuality | Reclaiming a high view of male and female sexuality 
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/23/18, 04:04 am

Nancy Pearcey’s new book, Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality, helps us understand how to respond when a Wisconsin resident born male becomes a high-school prom queen and a Missouri resident born female sues a school district. Pearcey is a professor at Houston Baptist University and the author of Total Truth and other books.

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The Gill Foundation

A push to win converts for the LGBT agenda

Sexuality | A new ad campaign uses emotional appeals to rally support for so-called nondiscrimination laws
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 4/20/18, 03:11 pm

A Denver-based foundation this week released an ad campaign aimed at winning converts to the LGBT cause. But critics argue the campaign ignores the more complex questions surrounding what the government labels a protected class and when it should intervene. 

The Gill Foundation, run by wealthy LGBT activist Tim Gill, unveiled the “Beyond I Do” campaign—which includes video, print, and radio ads—on Wednesday. The campaign is projected to get at least $15 million in donated media support, including TV and radio time and billboard space.

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