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Minority voices

Sexuality | Testimony from opponents to California’s ‘conversion therapy’ ban
by Jim Long & Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/16/18, 07:44 am

The cover story in WORLD’s June 30, 2018 issue shows how a bill to ban “conversion therapy” (sometimes called “reparative therapy”) in California, even for consenting adults, is in a pipeline to passage. Since press coverage has been biased in favor of the bill, here are a few voices of opposition from testimony before the California Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.

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Trans-forming record books

Sports | Will the success of two transgender sprinters in Connecticut spur legal changes?
by Ray Hacke
Posted 6/14/18, 01:18 am

The fastest times ever run in the girls’ 100 and 200 meters at Connecticut’s State Open high-school track and field championships now belong to a boy.

Coaches, athletes, sportswriters, and even the head of Connecticut’s prep sports governing body recognize some injustice in that. Still, perhaps fearful of being branded bigots, many seem unwilling to fight back against what is becoming a trend in high-school sports.

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Follow the Assembly line

Homosexuality | How one-party rule in California yielded draconian legislation against ‘conversion therapy’
by Jim Long
Posted 6/13/18, 01:25 am

Christians in China are used to living in a one-party dictatorship. Christians in the United States are not, so this spring many are gasping as the California Legislature moves toward passing Assembly Bill 2943, which makes “conversion therapy” illegal. Under the bill, which Gov. Jerry Brown expects to sign into law, it is likely to be unlawful to advise a same-sex-attracted adult on ways to fight his or her urges, even though many wish to do so (see sidebar below).

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