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Conservative states ready for transgender battles

Sexuality | Pro-family advocates expect to defend laws protecting children
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/22/21, 04:11 pm

At least six state legislatures are considering laws to protect children from experimental transgender treatments—putting them on a collision course with the Biden administration.

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Facebook/National Center on Sexual Exploitation

A spotlight on abuse and pornography

Sexuality | A major pornographic site continues to reel from lawsuits and investigations
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/18/20, 04:07 pm

A group of 40 women filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday against the parent company of a major pornographic website, claiming it knowingly profited off of a sex trafficking scheme.

The anonymous alleged victims’ $80 million lawsuit against MindGeek accuses the company of hosting videos from GirlsDoPorn on its platform Pornhub despite knowing the site was trafficking women and girls.

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Study: Effects of puberty-blockers can last a lifetime

Sexuality | Data debunk a common rationale for giving kids transgender treatment
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/18/20, 03:20 pm

Proponents of putting gender-confused children on puberty-blocking drugs have long said there’s no harm in pressing pause on their physical development while they take time to consider their identity. “It’s completely reversible,” said Stephen Rosenthal, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, in a 2016 cover story for UCSF magazine. “You take them off it, and they resume puberty.”

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