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The skies declare His handiwork

Science | Scientists make amazing new discoveries about our galaxy
by Julie Borg
Posted 10/31/19, 04:13 pm

Scientists keep discovering new wonders in outer space that defy human understanding of the universe. Three recent discoveries beyond the boundaries of Earth testify to the magnificence of creation.

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Survival of the cooperative

Science | Bacteria defy Darwin by sacrificing for community
by Julie Borg
Posted 10/24/19, 03:38 pm

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen discovered that bacteria survive by sacrificing to benefit the entire community. The finding contradicts Darwinian evolution’s dog-eat-dog view of the world, in which individuals compete against each other and only the strongest survive to pass on their DNA to the next generation.

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iStock/Chainarong Prasertthai

Another adult stem cell breakthrough

Science | Researchers continue to prove embryos don’t have to die for patients to live
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/17/19, 03:48 pm

Scientists have discovered yet another life-giving treatment for disease using adult stem cells, while the number of substantial medical breakthroughs from life-taking embryonic stem cell research remains essentially zero.

Neuromyelitis optica (NMO), also known as Devic’s disease, causes the immune system to react against the body’s own cells in the central nervous system, particularly the eyes and spinal cord. Those who contract the disease usually lose their eyesight and ability to walk within five years.

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