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Amazon reverses on TikTok ban for employees

by Seth Johnson
Posted 7/10/20, 05:09 pm

More than 700 million users downloaded the TikTok app in 2019, but the Beijing-based social media platform is facing increasing criticism. On Friday, Amazon ordered its employees to remove TikTok from mobile devices that access company email addresses. But five hours later, the company said the email was sent out in error. “There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok,” spokeswoman Kristin Brown said in a statement. In March, the U.S. Senate introduced a bill that would ban the app from government-issued phones.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ted S. Warren (file)

Computing the coronavirus

Science | COVID-19 studies highlight the need for reform
by Julie Borg
Posted 7/09/20, 06:42 pm

The dizzying pendulum of conflicting information experts have offered during the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the perils of relying too much on computer models for scientific studies.

More than 20 scientists and experts wrote an editorial in the June 24 issue of Nature saying the politicization of COVID-19 research shows the need for change in conducting and reporting computer modeling studies. They also criticized how politicians use the results.

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Go to the ant

Science | Insects show researchers how to sample data
by Julie Borg
Posted 7/02/20, 04:35 pm

Creation continues to provide models for scientific progress—this time in the behavior of ants. Researchers at the University of Bristol in England investigated how rock ants, living within a vast social complex, forage for food, water, nesting sites, and other needs so efficiently. As they explored the cracks and crevices of rocks, the ants seemed to somehow communicate with one another to indicate which trails were dead ends. The scientists thought the principles underlying the ants’ secret could help with computer sampling techniques.

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