Religious Liberty
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Religion test

Religious Liberty | Supreme Court to weigh in on how faith-based schools hire and fire teachers
by Steve West
Posted 12/24/19, 01:07 pm

Among its last actions for the year, the Supreme Court, agreed last week to hear twin cases on whether church schools or the government decide who teaches religion classes.

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Extracurricular blues

Religious Liberty | School district says student’s Christian club ‘too exclusive’
by Steve West
Posted 12/17/19, 05:28 pm

On top of the normal worries of a rising high school freshman, Daniela Barca was concerned about the spiritual atmosphere on campus. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Christian at my school, and I thought others might feel the same way,” she said. But officials at her school in New York smacked down her request to start a Christian club.

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Free speech and the academy

Religious Liberty | Indiana University clamps down on outspoken conservative professor
by Steve West
Posted 12/10/19, 06:04 pm

A conservative Indiana University professor vilified for his views is fighting back, claiming he has not promoted the opinions attributed to him.

Eric Rasmusen is a rarity—a Christian and political conservative in academia who is public about views he believes are well-grounded in faith or common sense. The tenured business professor at the Bloomington, Ind., campus is under attack for tweets and comments he made on social media about homosexuality, women in academia, affirmative action, and race.

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