Religious Liberty

Adoption defense

Religious Liberty | A wave of new laws provides vital protection for faith-based adoption and foster agencies—but LGBT advocates are putting up a fight
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/24/18, 04:06 am

On the floor of the Kansas House chamber in May, Rep. Diana Dierks warned her fellow lawmakers of going down the path of SS agents in 1940s-era Nazi Germany.

The cause for the Republican’s alarm: a bill protecting faith-based adoption agencies that operate according to religious beliefs when finding families for needy children.

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Pulpit privilege

Churches | Repeal the Johnson Amendment?
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/10/18, 12:39 pm

Last year I was in a car for three hours with a person I care about deeply. He is theologically adrift. Like an idiot, I talked with him about politics, instead of about what’s really important. I’m still kicking myself about that wasted time.

Last month I gave a lecture on journalism and worldview, leaving half an hour for the questions, and the first question was, “What do you think of the Johnson Amendment?” Lyndon Johnson’s amendment, passed in 1954, gives all 501(c)(3) nonprofit groups, including churches, a simple command: Don’t endorse political candidates.

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Facebook/Summit Ministries

California bill already chilling religious expression

Religious Liberty | Summit Ministries cancels a Los Angeles–area conference over the proposed law
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 5/08/18, 02:22 pm

The California state legislature’s latest effort to outlaw Biblical views on sex, marriage, and gender identity appears to have claimed its first casualty. Citing concerns over possible legal repercussions from a pending bill, Colorado-based Summit Ministries has canceled a summer conference at Biola University in the Los Angeles area.

“The vagueness of the bill has opened up threats to religious communities that the author did not intend,” Biola communications director Brenda Velasco told me.

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