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Healthcare mandate déjà vu

Religious Liberty | Washington state church fights pro-abortion law
by Steve West
Posted 9/08/20, 11:47 am

A Seattle-area church filed an appeal on Wednesday in its fight against a state law that requires churches to cover elective abortions in their employee health insurance plans.

Cedar Park Church in Kirkland, Wash., sued the state in March 2019, arguing a 2018 law, which contains no exemption for churches and other religious organizations that oppose abortion, violates its free exercise of religion.

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Who controls church property?

Religious Liberty | Lawsuit asks the Supreme Court not to privilege denominations over congregations
by Steve West
Posted 9/08/20, 08:44 am

When Northern California’s historic Menlo Church voted to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2014, then–Senior Pastor John Ortberg agreed to sell his home to help pay nearly $9 million to the denomination so the congregation could keep its property. Otherwise, the church would have had to find a new place to worship.

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Judge refuses to stop MacArthur’s church from meeting

Religious Liberty | California worshippers continue to meet as their cases go to court
by Steve West
Posted 8/25/20, 05:23 pm

After a monthlong tug of war, John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church likely will meet indoors and in person again on Sunday after a judge refused to enforce Los Angeles County’s gathering ban by court order—at least for now.

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