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City of empty suites

Regulation | New York considers a big tax on expensive, unoccupied condos
by Emily Belz
Posted 3/26/19, 05:04 pm

A New York moment:

A friend of mine works in the construction industry here and has taken me to top penthouse apartments during construction, the ones with price tags north of $50 million. Any price tag over my monthly rent invoice makes my eyes glaze over, and sometimes even the rent bill does that. 

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Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa via AP

Disrupted drivers

New York | A controversial new law in New York caps the number of Uber drivers
by Emily Belz
Posted 8/14/18, 05:04 pm

A New York moment: 

The other night I had a late dinner with friends, and the subway was down due to construction (as it often is these days), so I took a Lyft ride back to my apartment. As I talked with the driver, a father and husband whose family lives in a one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey, he urged me to be in touch with the New York City Council to oppose proposed regulations on Lyft. 

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Bebeto Matthews/AP

Think creatively

Economy | Maybe we’re asking for the wrong good things
by Joel Belz
Posted 10/12/17, 02:45 pm

Ask the 535 members of the U.S. Congress to list the first three attributes of God that come to their minds, and I’ll guarantee you one that they’ll almost certainly leave off: His creativity.

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