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America’s growing racial divide

Race Issues | And there’s plenty of blame to go around for causing it
by Cal Thomas
Posted 7/12/16, 03:53 pm

The shootings of black men by white police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana and the murder of five white Dallas police officers by a black man have widened the gap in our racially divided country. The stereotypes each race holds of the other hardened.

Don’t we already have enough to fear from radical Islamic terrorists? Must we add fear of a race war? We seem to be heading back to the 1960s and are again hearing police officers, who defend black neighborhoods against black predators, called “pigs,” with some shouting they should be dead.

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Lamenting, listening, praying, and participating our way to change

Race Issues | Racial problems in America are local, and so are the solutions
by Anthony Bradley
Posted 7/09/16, 03:09 pm

America is currently caught in a social crisis at the intersection of race and violence. White police officers shot two black men this week in St. Paul, Minn., and Baton Rouge, La. In the aftermath, a gunman shot five police officers in Dallas in a race-motivated assassination on law enforcement, a man lured police officer into his Valdosta, Ga., home and murdered him, a man ambushed an officer during a traffic stop in suburban St.

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Racism and me

Race Issues | Are whites in denial if they say they are not racist?
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/30/16, 12:58 pm

I am not a racist. There, I said it. I am starting to be wearied by the unrelenting pressure to admit to a crime I do not feel guilty of, even though, in a sense, it would be easier at this point to just say I’m a racist and be done with it. That’s what Joseph K. finally does in Kafka’s The Trial. One year after his arrest for a vague capital offense in which no specific charges or hard evidence are ever put forward, the beleaguered banker is so beaten down that he offers no resistance as they drag him off to his execution.

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