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Racial insensitivity on campus

Race Issues
by Barnabas Piper
Posted 3/13/15, 04:50 pm

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Selma plus 50

Race Issues
by Cal Thomas
Posted 3/10/15, 11:11 am

As President Obama marched last weekend in Selma, Ala., along with others commemorating that seminal civil rights demonstration, it became clear that the time has come to stop focusing on marches and take a sober look at what really troubles the African-American community today and how to un-trouble it. We might ask: Are African-Americans better off than they were 50 years ago when it comes to jobs, economic independence, and especially intact families?

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Let's talk about race

Race Issues | A discussion among three young WORLD reporters on racial diversity, stereotypes, and reconciliation
by Sophia Lee, Angela Lu Fulton & Daniel James Devine
Posted 3/10/15, 08:21 am

ABC’s new sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, based on chef Eddie Huang’s same-titled memoir, is about 11-year-old Eddie and his Taiwanese-American family trying to adjust to their new life in a homogenous Orlando, Fla., suburban neighborhood (see WORLD Magazine’s review from the March 21 issue). But to many Asian-Americans, the show is more than that—it’s their story, aired on national TV to previously unreached eyes and ears that might have once seen them as foreigners, not fellow Americans.

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