Racism’s overt and subtle effects

Books | A recent book describes the historical outworkings of prejudice
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 1/28/21, 01:08 pm

Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste (Random House, 2020) includes lots of ugly specific detail. A slave receiving 400 lashes. Slave workdays of 14-15 hours. Later, lynchings and postcards with photos of lynchings. Blacks not allowed into public pools even on separate days or hours because whites “would not go into water that had touched black skin.” Carnivals where customers hurled baseballs or other projectiles at blacks. The intentional hiring of less competent teachers to work at blacks-only schools.

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Illustration by Douglas B. Jones

Being black in America

Q&A | For blacks, life in America can be complicated, but Christ is an anchor for identity and purpose
by Sophia Lee
Posted 1/28/21, 08:24 am

Kira Davis, 46, is an editor-at-large for the website RedState and host of the podcast Just Listen to Yourself. She’s also a black conservative Christian who’s outspoken about her faith and history of facing racial discrimination. She lives in Orange County, Calif., with her husband: They have two children, ages 18 and 13. Here are edited excerpts of our July conversation. 

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Delcia Lopez/The Monitor/AP

Southern Baptist division

Race Issues | Amid debates on race within the Southern Baptist Convention, some black pastors wonder if it’s the right denomination for their churches
by Sophia Lee
Posted 1/28/21, 07:23 am

Dwight McKissic has wonderful memories of the Southern Baptist Convention as a black youngster. He watched black and white Baptists pray and worship together, saw black and white pastors swap pulpits. His older siblings were all active with SBC-funded student groups in college. When he interned with a prison chaplain, the SBC financially supported him.

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