Public Schools
Sophia Lee

Bible lessons at the lunch bell

Religion | A little-known public school program allows Christians to teach to the Book
by Sophia Lee
Posted 1/30/17, 10:18 am

IT’S A MAGICAL TIME at Lincoln Elementary School when the school bell rings for lunch. The moment the clock strikes noon, the whole campus shakes alive with noises and activities. Hallways choke with kids rushing to get in line at the cafeteria. Outdoors, little bodies run, tripping and spilling milk. And every Thursday at lunchtime, about 40 students walk past the games to sit in three stuffy vehicles and listen to church volunteers talk about Jesus—and it’s all wholly legal.

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Associated Press/Photo by Carolyn Kaster

The start of something big?

Education | Trump and DeVos could finally set poor children free from underperforming public schools
by Cal Thomas
Posted 1/19/17, 03:23 pm

The White House press corps has its knickers in a twist over suggestions by the incoming administration that reporters might have to vacate their cramped quarters in the West Wing for a larger venue on White House grounds. That the current quarters have become too crowded to accommodate the growing number of reporters covering the White House matters little to those who have occupied that territory for many years. The New York Times and Washington Post have contributed to the overcrowding by assigning six reporters each—a record—to cover the Trump administration.

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Associated Press/Photo by Carolyn Kaster, File

Trump picks charter champion for education secretary

Education | Betsy DeVos is a longtime Republican donor and advocate for school choice
by Leigh Jones
Posted 11/23/16, 03:48 pm

School choice advocates are giving President-elect Donald Trump an A-plus for his education secretary pick, but opponents of Common Core are much less enthusiastic.

Betsy DeVos, a longtime Republican donor and charter school champion, was considered a supporter of the much-maligned standards. In a tweet following her nomination announcement, she attempted to allay concerns: “Many of you are asking about Common Core. To clarify, I am not a supporter—period.”

In a Q&A on her website, DeVos acknowledged some organizations she’s joined with have supported Common Core.

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