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Math gets woke

Education | Anti-Western philosophy and history will now be part of arithmetic lessons
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 1/02/20, 04:05 pm

If you scan alarmist websites as I do, you may have run across the alarming news that the Seattle School Board is considering new guidelines for what might be called “social justice math.” Some culture watchers have taken this to mean that 2 plus 2 is no longer 4, but that’s not exactly the case. Math functions will remain the same, and there will still be such a thing as a right answer.

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School district accepts $22,000 lunch donation

by Hannah Harris
Posted 7/25/19, 03:20 pm

Last week a Pennsylvania school district, Wyoming Valley West, sent a letter to parents saying their children could end up in foster care if they didn’t pay school lunch debts, which total $22,000. Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe Coffee, a Philadelphia company 115 miles southeast of the school district, offered to donate money for the lunches. The school district initially rejected the offer but then said yes.

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LA teachers strike ends with salary deal

by Laura Edghill
Posted 1/23/19, 01:36 pm

Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers returned to their classrooms Wednesday after voting to ratify a proposed contract deal. The vote ended a six-day strike by the United Teachers Los Angeles union in the nation’s second-largest school district. The agreement includes a 6 percent pay raise for teachers and a commitment by the district to reduce class sizes over the next four years. It also provides for an additional 600 nurses and numerous other support positions, such as counselors and librarians, over the next three years.

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