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What kind of safety?

Education | Gun violence affects a few schools; attacks on souls affect many more
by Joel Belz
Posted 6/12/18, 02:47 am

One of our readers called the other day, quite upset because he still hadn’t seen in all our recent pages any evidence that WORLD is editorially in favor of spending substantial federal money to arm and protect our schools—with military weapons. “If it were your kids who were being shot and killed,” he said, “it would have been a cover story.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Ross D. Franklin

Arizona teachers head back to class after securing raises

by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/04/18, 11:58 am

Arizona teachers returned to their classrooms today after state lawmakers approved a budget that includes pay raises and more education funding. Organizers touted the outcome as achieving “something truly historic.” But they didn’t get everything they wanted. Teacher lobby groups pushed for a $1 billion commitment for additional education funding. Lawmakers agreed to $300 million for the next year. Educators will get a 9 percent raise in the fall, followed by additional 5 percent increases during the next two years. Gov.

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt York (file)

Arizona teacher walkout stretches to third day

by Leigh Jones
Posted 4/30/18, 01:39 pm

Public school classrooms across Arizona remained closed Monday as teachers continued to lobby state lawmakers for more pay and education funding. The walkout began Thursday and shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Organizers planned to meet Monday with state lawmakers who have so far not agreed to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposal to give teachers a 20 percent pay raise. Ducey and leaders of the state House and Senate issued a statement Saturday assuring educators that they’re working on a solution.

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