Associated Press/Photo by Julie Carr Smyth

Ohio heartbeat bill fails by one vote

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 12/28/18, 12:46 pm

An Ohio bill protecting unborn babies with a detectable heartbeat failed Thursday after Senate Republicans came just one vote short of the 20 needed to override Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the measure. The outgoing Republican governor has vetoed the same bill twice in the last two years, arguing it would be declared unconstitutional. The Senate voted 19-13 to override Kasich’s veto of the bill, which would have protected babies as early as six weeks’ gestation. The Ohio House earlier successfully overruled the veto with exactly the 60 votes required.

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Kim Henderson

Keeping abortions out of Birmingham

Lifestyle | Pro-lifers seek to stall Planned Parenthood construction and build a hopeful, pro-life community
by Kim Henderson
Posted 12/26/18, 08:01 am

The undeveloped lot cornering Birmingham’s First Avenue North and I-65 is empty, save for fast-food wrappers, neglected grass, and a few “No Trespassing” signs.

From a nearby overpass, commuters eying the skyline of Alabama’s Magic City probably wouldn’t notice the lot, but they may soon if proposed construction materializes. Planned Parenthood Southeast has spent $430,600 to secure the spot with the intent to relocate its current Birmingham center to the downtown property.

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A year of dangerous living

Abortion | From chemical abortion to ‘humanized mice,’ 2018 brought new threats and new protections for the unborn
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 12/24/18, 11:03 am

Pro-lifers worked tirelessly in 2018 to save unborn babies from new and old threats. Drug-induced abortion threatens to eclipse surgical abortion as the country’s preferred method of ending pregnancies, and side-effects from the grisly process threaten moms, too. Much of the effort to protect the unborn happened at the state level, but the Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking ruling in favor of pregnancy care centers in June, and federal agencies said they would take a hard look at taxpayer-funded experiments using tissue from aborted babies.

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