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FDA orders group to stop mailing abortion pills

Abortion | The agency says abortion by mail is illegal, but tele-abortions are still OK
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 3/25/19, 03:04 pm

Months after launching an investigation into Aid Access, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration demanded the Dutch abortion group stop mailing abortion-inducing drugs to women in the United States. In a letter earlier this month, the FDA said Aid Access offers “misbranded and unapproved new drugs” on its website.

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Mississippi governor signs heartbeat bill

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 3/21/19, 01:43 pm

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, on Thursday signed a law that will protect babies from abortion once they have a detectable heartbeat, usually at about six weeks of gestation. The law says an abortionist who ends a pregnancy after a baby’s heartbeat is detected could face revocation of his or her medical license. It includes exceptions if a pregnancy endangers a woman’s life or one of her major bodily functions.

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Facebook/Ohio Right to Life

6th Circuit rules against Planned Parenthood

Abortion | Ohio case renews a question the Supreme Court refused to address
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 3/18/19, 02:40 pm

Abortion providers have no constitutional right to perform abortions, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday, upholding an Ohio law that would direct $1.5 million away from Planned Parenthood.

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