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The infanticide of Uighur children

Life | China’s population control tactics amount to genocide
by Leah Hickman
Posted 8/21/20, 06:59 pm

Authorities in Xinjiang, China, wanted parents to space out their babies’ births by at least three years and not have more than three children. If the parents did not follow those rules, the babies paid the ultimate price.

Doctors would either forcibly abort the babies that did not fall within the requirements or kill them after birth.

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Planned Parenthood drops suit against ultrasound law

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 8/20/20, 06:00 pm

Women in Indiana will have to have an ultrasound 18 hours before getting an abortion starting in January 2021. Vice President Mike Pence signed the law in 2016 when he was the state’s governor, but a federal judge and an appeals court blocked its enforcement in 2017. State Attorney General Curtis Hill, a Republican, announced Thursday that Planned Parenthood withdrew its suit against the ultrasound rule.

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Killing is not care

Abortion | Members of Congress call for an end to tax breaks for abortion
by Leah Hickman
Posted 8/17/20, 03:48 pm

More than 100 pro-life congressional lawmakers sent a letter on Wednesday urging U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to drop a rule that makes abortions eligible for tax breaks.

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