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U.S. sponsors pro-life declaration

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/23/20, 04:56 pm

Babies have a right to life and need safeguarding “before and after birth,” according to a U.S.-led resolution signed by 32 nations on Thursday. The Geneva Consensus Declaration specifically states there is no international right to abortion. The agreement aims to achieve better health for women, preserve human life, strengthen the family, and defend countries’ right to set their own policies to protect babies.

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Julie Rosati

Popping up, helping out

Lifestyle | A New York pro-lifer takes the pregnancy center model on the road during the pandemic
by Leah Hickman
Posted 10/22/20, 07:34 am

Nine thousand six hundred square feet. That’s how big Julie Rosati’s house is in Oneida, a small town in central New York. The three-story red-brick building with tall white columns used to be a nursing home. But since Rosati became the director of the Save the Storks Pro-life Training Center in November 2019, it has served a double purpose: a home for her, her husband Steve, and their three adopted children, and a dormitory for the center’s students.

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Mercy killing for kids?

Death | The Dutch government proposes the decriminalization of child euthanasia
by Leah Hickman
Posted 10/19/20, 04:16 pm

Doctors in the Netherlands could perform euthanasia on terminally ill children ages 12 and younger without facing legal consequences under a policy the country’s health minister proposed last week.

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